Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Tevas Come Marching In (again...)

I am going to be right into this trend this summer, talk about comfort!


Dr. Martens

Yes that is a Marc Jacobs flat inside of a Teva. Hilarious.
(Still, kind of cool looking eh?)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel

I just returned from seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel with my mom and brother! 
And boy, saying that it was grand would be an understatement.

I would be lying if I said that I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the movie. It was a bit hard to follow at times, but I guess that is exactly what I can always expect from a Wes Anderson movie.

However, as most people are aware, Wes Anderson movies are so grand because of their incredible visual style, and The Grand Budapest Hotel is said to be the most Wes Andersonish of any Wes Wnderson film. I most certainly agree. The cinematography, direction, set design and art direction did not disappoint. The visuals were outstanding and so meticulously composed. I find it hard to believe that it took less than 20 years to film this, from what I could tell Wes did not break any of his crazy and probably very time consuming self imposed filming rules. Every shot had incredible symmetry, the film was loaded with dry humour, there were beautiful sets and colour palettes (even some of his signature yellow and blue themes snuck into this film), extremely precise filming, awkward pauses, and of course Wes included a bunch his reoccurring collaborators (Bill Murray, Owen Wilson and Tilda Swinton to name a few).

Crazy Symmetry and colours!

Check out the make-up on that one!  (My mom was very impressed!)

P.S. Maybe it's just because I have such a sweet tooth, but I found this Grand Budapest Hotel Short "How to make a Courtesan au Chocolat" to be quite cute. It's a Wes Andersony clip suitable for the Food Network!.

All in all seeing this film was thoroughly enjoyable. It made me (and my mom and brother) chuckle, and during the moments that were hard to follow, I had no problem taking a second to appreciate the amazing visuals. I would definitely recommend the film!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hopping On the Flower/Plant Train

Flowers make me so happy!

I never fully understood the flower thing growing up, my grandma always always always had floral arrangements all over her house and I thought they were pretty and all but I didn't really understand why you would spend $30 whole dollars (or more!) on something that would most likely be dead one month later. Now I totally get it. Flowers, or any sorts of plants used as decoration indoors really have the ability to bring life (literally and figuratively) to a room.

Last two photos from Design Lovefest Floral Workshops (!)

Friday, February 28, 2014

Aunt Sissys House Revisited

Remember this post from 2011? Welcome to Aunt Sissys House

Well it is featured this month in Toronto's Design Lines Magazine. See it here.

Photo from the new issue.

(What Can I say? This is proof that you can always count on ik vind dat staying ahead of the trends ;) )

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ik Vind Dat Gift Guide

Practical, Simple, Cute Kate Spade Saturday leather wallet with a shoulder strap for your hip mom.

Restoration Hardware Pocket Bocce Balls for your nephew.

Cenotes Studs from Cold Picnic for your best friend.

Robotic fish for your adorable 3 year old neighbour (mastermind)

North Bowl for your boss from Jeff Goodman Studio.

Lift-Up apron for your cousin who only eats bread that is homemade  (Amazon.com.)

Porcelain Lanterns for your fun aunt from Atelier Make

Mutton Head Hat for your brother.

Clock Radio for your phone from Madewell for your hubby/bf.

Jewellery classes at The Devils Workshop for your artsy fartsy friend.

National Geographic Guide to Canadian National Parks from Drake General Store for your outdoorsy uncle

KOMONO Watch for your hip cousin

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Native Trees of Canada

My mom bought this book by Leanne Shapton from Drake General Store in Toronto. We both loved the illustrations and wanted to display them in our house so we bought some clipboards from the dollar store, cut out the pages from the book (it was a bittersweet moment) and now have them hanging in our dining room with the illustrations on rotation.

Having prints on display with clipboards is the best! It means that every once and a while we will take all the illustrations and create a new combo. Great for people like us who have too many prints they want to display in their home and not enough wall space to showcase them all!

By the way, how awesome is this book!? (It was published by Drawn and Quarterly which I wrote about here.)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

House Party Invites

How cute is this idea!?
But the question is.. how many hours of work would it take to make just one? :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Awesome Video.

These people also have an awesome buisness. an awesome house. awesome blog. of course, they sell awesome furniture. And awesomely enough, they are Canadian! 

So basically, I would advise checking out their awesome website.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

April in Iceland!

Looks like my dream to go to Iceland is finally coming true! In April, after working for the year, my aunt and I are heading to the land of hot springs and breathtaking landscapes, and I couldn't be more excited! Right now we're in the early planning stages and have been doing a bunch of research!

One of the best and most inspirational things I've come across while researching for our trip has been this post from the blog Big Bang Studio. We will definitely be hitting up the abandoned thermal pool! It looks gorgeous! 

By the way, below is a photo from Big Bang Studio that has nothing to do with Iceland but is worth sharing nevertheless! 

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