Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ik Vind Dat Gift Guide

Practical, Simple, Cute Kate Spade Saturday leather wallet with a shoulder strap for your hip mom.

Restoration Hardware Pocket Bocce Balls for your nephew.

Cenotes Studs from Cold Picnic for your best friend.

Robotic fish for your adorable 3 year old neighbour (mastermind)

North Bowl for your boss from Jeff Goodman Studio.

Lift-Up apron for your cousin who only eats bread that is homemade  (

Porcelain Lanterns for your fun aunt from Atelier Make

Mutton Head Hat for your brother.

Clock Radio for your phone from Madewell for your hubby/bf.

Jewellery classes at The Devils Workshop for your artsy fartsy friend.

National Geographic Guide to Canadian National Parks from Drake General Store for your outdoorsy uncle

KOMONO Watch for your hip cousin

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