Thursday, November 10, 2011

Welcome to Aunt Rissy's house!

Last weekend I got the chance to go see my mom's friend and her amazing house! Every room is filled with interesting art work and beautiful patterns.
But! Before we went to her house we went out for brunch at Mitzi's on College. I had already eaten but I still ate a bit of my moms french toast and it was probably the best french toast I have ever had. I also ordered a pumpkin mango juice (I think that's what was in it...), one of their homemade juices and it was unusual but absolutely delicious!

On our way to my mom's friends house she took me through Wychwood Park. I had never been there before, it's so cool! It's like you've entered a whole other world! We drove through this narrow opening at the corner of where two residential streets met, through an iron gate and onto a road that looked to me like it was someone's driveway. Past the gate the road kept going into this little neighborhood with no sidewalks and lots of beautiful oak trees! The road was just one big loop surrounding a pond and some tennis courts. While driving through we saw lots of amazing homes, which makes sense because the area is one of toronto's oldest gated communities.


After our little drive through Wychwood park we zipped over to my mom's friends house!

This is the beautiful and newly renovated kitchen, designed by Andrew Jones. I love the clean lines and the contrast of birch and white Aunt Rissy and her husband used in their kitchen. I think that one of the best aspects of the kitchen is the light. The whole back of the house is windowed which helps to keep the whole kitchen bright, and it really showcases all of the white used throughout the room. The wall you can see in the image below behind the stove is actually a giant pocket door. It can slide out of the wall during dinner parties to hide the dinner mess or it can be hidden to keep the kitchen feeling open and airy. I think it's an amazing feature and a really smart idea! 

The small touches in the kitchen made all the difference!

I think this room was one of my favorites in the house. I love the colours they chose and the furniture is all just gorgeous, very danish modern! I love that this room is on the second floor it really makes the room nice and bright because the view is of tree tops and other homes instead of the road. 

They chose some really great finishing touches like one of my dad's glass vessels!

This is another great room on the second floor - the master! They had one accent wall with the flowery wall paper surrounded by nice neutral painted walls, which was a perfect balance.

This art work hung right across from the wall paper - LOVE IT!

 Now for the coolest room in the house. Aunt Rissy's husband is a music fanatic so he has an entire room FILLED with records - there not just on the shelves behind the couch there are stacks behind it too! The couch in the second picture down is surrounded by a bunch of speakers surrounding it and it's facing the record player so when you walk in the room it looks like a music shrine.

How comfy does that couch look?!

 Here are just some other cool things throughout the house.
Shoe molds from Italy

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