Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our Gigi

Gigi or Groovy Grandma as we called her, was quite the lady; she was an amazing grandma, mom, cook, hostess, friend, wife, aunt, mother in law (the list goes on), and notably our Gigi had the most amazing sense of style. She would always be wearing the most amazing outfits, co-ordinated and fun, topped off with her signature bangles, clinging around on her wrists, a sound that will forever remind me of Gigi.

Ever since I was a little girl I was in love with Gigi's shoes. Every time my family went over to my grandparents house I would walk in and say hello to everyone then disappear for a while, I was up deciding what shoes to wear, looking through all of my options and trying on my favourites, before finally choosing what pair I would wear for the night. My feet grew past Gigi's dainty size 7s before I was 13, but I still found myself just looking through her collection many times after that. Although I think Gigi really had a thing for shoes, she owned quite the gorgeous collection of other fashionable items, coats, purses and Jewelery. The ladies of the family all got a few pieces of Gigi Jewelery, the two photos below are my favorites. I wear the two rings all the time and my favourite thing about them is the fact that I know I have a little piece of Gigi with me when I have them on.

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