Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blogger, Surfer, Potato Enthusiast.

There's a game I played at summer camp we called two truths and lie, you tell the group two true facts about yourself and one lie and then they have to guess which fact is a lie. Can you guess which one is my lie? Blogger, Surfer or Potato Enthusiast? Well, I guess I'm a blogger because look whose words you are reading, and yes I love potatoes in any way shape or form which probably isn't doing the best things for my figure. So you guessed it, I am not a surfer. But you sure would think I was if you walked into my bedroom. I have a big poster on my wall of a tiny surfer lost in a giant swell, I have a few surfing magazines on my bookshelf, and I even have a miniature V.W van about the size of a loaf of bread sitting on one of my shelves. But the truth is, I've never surfed a day in my life. And I've always wondered what it was about surfing that entices me. Is it the athleticism and skill surfers have, or the clothes surfers wear and the overall surfer style? Is it that they all seem to live on the edge, sleeping in their cars by the beach, or is it just that every surfer dude is so darn attractive? I'm not sure. What I do know though is that I've got to get on a surfboard one day, and I hope it's as amazing as I've hyped it up to be. In the meantime I will continue to live vicariously through photos (and videos).

All Photo's are from either arestlesstransplant.com or surfingmagazine.com
(Sorry there are so many photos it was too difficult for me to decide on just a few!)

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